Personal Injury Law

Our clients are treated with the compassion that they deserve. Personal injury law can include many different types of cases. These cases include motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, product liability claims, and wrongful death claims, to name a few.
Attorney Simoni is experienced in personal injury complexities. If you or a family member has suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s neglect, you may be entitled to seek recovery of money damages which can include compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of earnings and future loss of earning capacity.

What Is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is term used to describe a physical injury to a person’s body, or a non-physical injury – such as one to a person’s mind or emotions. Personal injury would not include damage to your personal or real property.

How Do You Win A Personal Injury Case?

This person or entity will be held responsible for damages of the plaintiff if it can be proven that the person or entity was negligent. Generally, to prove his or her case, Simoni Law Office will assist an injured client in proving the following “elements” of the case:

  • DUTY. There was a duty of care owed to you;
  •  BREACH. The negligent person (or, the “Defendant”) acted negligently or in violation of an applicable standard of care, which breached the duty of care owed.
  •  CAUSATION. The Defendant’s deviation from the prevailing standard of care was the cause of your injury;
  • DAMAGES. Damages as a result.

Personal injury cases can be complex and the law has strict Statues of Limitations for which to pursue your claim. Attorney Louis Simoni, Esquire can pursue your claim and make sure your rights are protected. Simoni Law Office personal injury cases are handled on a “contingency basis,” in which the attorney’s fee is a percentage of the client’s eventual compensation, payable when the case is resolved or when the case settles and the client receives payment from the Defendant.

South Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm

Specific Types of Injuries

Allow us, at Simoni Law Office, LLC, to help guide you through the medical process, as your primary care physicians – and specialists – work on repairing you, physically… while we get to work LEGALLY.

Ruptured Disc: In an accident, the force of the crash can jolt a spinal disc out of position. The discs are designed to act as a cushion between vertebrae, and when forced out of position, can cause severe pain by allowing the vertebrae to rub against each other. The disc can also be moved into a position that pinches the nerves of the spinal column. Ruptured or herniated discs, can cause severe pain or numbness, but tend to heal on their own within a few weeks. Surgery is sometimes necessary, but the typical ruptured disc can be treated through methods such as physical therapy, epidural injections and medication.

Muscle Strain: Muscle Strain is common in automobile accidents because of the quick jerk which usually occurs as a result of the initial force of the accident and the resistance of a seat belt or airbag. Muscle strains occur when muscles are stretched out of position. The “next level” of damage would occur when the muscles are torn from their attachments completely, which is muscle sprain. Usually, the best treatment for muscle strain is to rest the back, get proper medication and go through physical therapy. Surgery may be necessary if the pain does not go away over time.

Compression Fracture of the Spine: Compression fractures occur when a person’s vertebrae is compressed and/or “squished” by a heavy force, causing it to compress beyond its normal capability. This is a devastatingly painful and severe injury, often leading to permanent damage and possible deformity.

Regardless of the extent of your injuries, you should be made aware of your rights and quickly act to protect those rights. Loss of your rights and your ability to seek legal action may result if you do not act in a timely manner. Please contact our office by calling 856-208-1787 or contact us online to review your injury case and learn more about the personal injury litigation process.