Legal Services at Simoni Law Office, LLC

Save Your Home: Loan Modification / Loss Mitigation Assistance

Simoni Law Office, LLC represents homeowners and borrowers facing mortgage foreclosure or who have been recently served with mortgage foreclosure paperwork. As a previous foreclosure attorney, Louis A. Simoni, Esquire provides aggressive and knowledgeable foreclosure defense representation to his clients. Clients are worried about losing their home and concerned with the timeframe of the uncertainty of a foreclosure lawsuit. Contact Simoni Law Office today to discuss your options going forward.

Save Your Home: Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

Pennsylvania and New Jersey residential foreclosures are a specialty for Simoni Law Office. Homeowners facing mortgage foreclosure often need counsel and guidance in working with their lender and also navigating the mortgage foreclosure court action, which takes the form of a complaint in mortgage foreclosure in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey, depending on the state (and county) where the property …

Real Estate Law

Simoni Law Office, LLC is actively engaged in all areas of transactional real estate relating to the purchase, development, sale and financing of property in our current re-emerging real estate markets of Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties in New Jersey as well as surrounding counties of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As these areas are realizing a boom in population and development, contact Simoni Law today if you would like to inquire about legal representation in this regard.

Bankruptcy Law

Life is hard; often, creditors won’t work with you, even if you are enduring a temporary hardship. When one makes the decision to file for bankruptcy, it can become overwhelming. Contact Simoni Law Office today, for a confidential consultation to discuss your options, as it relates to bankruptcy and securing your financial “fresh start.”

Business Services Law

The goal at Simoni Law Office is to help you to accomplish your business objectives. We represent companies and individuals in a wide array of business dealings from negotiating and preparing contracts, to helping you open your first business. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who needs assistance in this reagrd, we are happy to speak with you to ascertain if we can be of any assistance.

”The Uncontested Divorce”

So you have the feeling that your marriage isn’t working out, and you want to get a divorce, but divorces are expensive. If you and your spouse are, essentially, on the same page with the distribution of your marital assets, why spend the money on a contentious divorce?

If you and your spouse are willing to be adults and engage in an honest dialogue about the “splitting up” of your assets, Simoni Law Office can help you navigate through an “uncontested divorce” within (approximately) six months. If you are interested in avoiding divorce lawyer fees in this regard, perhaps it would benefit you to contact our office for a confidential consultation to discuss your options.

Estate Planning Law

Simoni Law Office, LLC offers affordable and understandable estate plans. Estate plans consist of a variety of documents, which may include: Last Will and Testament, Living Will & Power of Attorney. Proper estate planning is essential to controlling how your estate is handled. Contact Simoni Law Office today to begin with your estate plan.