Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

Pennsylvania and New Jersey residential foreclosures are a specialty for Simoni Law Office. Homeowners facing mortgage foreclosure often need counsel and guidance in working with their lender and also navigating the mortgage foreclosure court action, which takes the form of a complaint in mortgage foreclosure in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey, depending on the state (and county) where the property is located.
Being sued in mortgage foreclosure action is a stressful situation. Even if you are not seeking comprehensive representation to defend the foreclosure and attack the bank’s standing, you may find it beneficial to discuss your matter and your specific court documents with an experienced mortgage foreclosure attorney who has not only worked with banks and lenders — but has previously represented them. Drawing upon his prior experience representing lending institutions and servicing entities such as Bank of America, N.A., Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP, Deutsche Bank, and many others, Lou uses his experience to aggressively represent homeowners facing the uncertainty of foreclosure.

For homeowners who either cannot afford comprehensive legal representation, individuals have expressed great interest in having a “sit down.”

The Simoni Law Office, LLC Mortgage Foreclosure “Sit Down” provides a homeowner with a chance to schedule an appointment to come into the office to discuss their case with Attorney Simoni.

Avoid the legal sales pitch and ask candid questions and get straightforward answers.

  • How long until the sheriff comes?
  • Will they come after us for deficiency?
  • How long can I stay at the house?”

Bring your documents and we’ll go through them.. let’s sit down.

South Jersey Mortgage Foreclosure Law Firm

Contact the Firm by telephone (856) 208-1787 to further discuss your case and schedule a consultation. All calls are held in strict confidence.

Few lawyers are able to say they have worked on both sides in the mortgage foreclosure litigation world. However, Lou has practiced from both sides of the courtroom, representing banks and lenders as Plaintiffs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey mortgage foreclosure actions.

During our consultation, we will evaluate and analyze your particular situation so that we can be in a position to inform you of the range of options you have moving forward. The Firm’s goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed in your New Jersey or Pennsylvania mortgage foreclosure action.

Whether or not you decide to retain Simoni Law Office to assist you in your mortgage loan delinquency issues or your mortgage foreclosure action, rest assured you will walk away from the consultation with a wealth of information that will help you decide what next steps are best for you.

Whether you need New Jersey or Pennsylvania foreclosure defense assistance, a foreclosure lawyer to handle your mortgage foreclosure lawsuit, or you’re seeking help with regard to your loan delinquency issues, contact Simoni Law Office, LLC at (856) 208-1787 or contact us by email at and a member of the Firm will contact you shortly.