Louis A. Simoni, Esquire: Bankruptcy Lawyer Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

The decision to file bankruptcy is a stressful and difficult one to make.

Simoni Law Office, LLC Residents of South Jersey and Philadelphia With Their Chapter 7 Petition Filings

Potential Clients of Simoni Law Office should be aware that Simoni Law handles Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings throughout Camden County, Burlington County, and Gloucester Counties (New Jersey) and also Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.There are many ins and outs of a bankruptcy petition. There are communications from the court, from the trustees who review your case and even from creditors. Navigating these waters can be stressful, especially because you don’t know how your actions will affect whether your discharge is granted. Simoni Law Offices are the bankruptcy lawyers you need who know how to proceed throughout your bankruptcy, saving you time and stress.

Hiring bankruptcy lawyers can help bring the peace of mind and the financial fresh start necessary to restore your quality of life. Simoni Law Office realizes that getting to the point where bankruptcy is needed may be stressful and that declaring bankruptcy may be considered an embarrassing time in a person’s life, but we are here to help.

Chapter 7 – Sometimes called a “liquidation bankruptcy,” Chapter 7 allows a debtor to surrender certain possessions and make a fresh start after discharging most debt, including medical bills, mortgages and credit cards. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available for clients facing certain levels of debt when compared to their income.

Chapter 13 – Allows for a plan to repay some or all of your debt, while maintaining certain possessions, under court supervision and without the constant harassment of creditors. Chapter 13 is available to some clients who do not meet the criteria for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and can be used to save a house or other property from foreclosure, as well as to deal with IRS debt and certain other financial obligations.

If you file bankruptcy, creditors will stop calling or visiting your home or job. In addition, repossession, foreclosure, garnishment of wages, lawsuits and contempt-of-court orders can be stopped.

The Costs of Filing Bankrupcty May Vary; Be Careful Not To Engage Lawyers Who Make False Promises

Simoni Law offers a competitive, flat fee, bankruptcy legal representation services depending on which chapter you would have to file. For a CHAPTER 7, the average bankruptcy lawyers fee is approximately $1500.00 to $1700.00. The average bankruptcy lawyers fee for a CHAPTER 13 case is approximately $3,500 and up, depending on the complexity of the case and plan that has to be developed. If you do file a CHAPTER 13, you aren’t required to pay the entire fee up front, as we allow you to work out a payment arrangement through your payments to the bankruptcy court.

Emergent Bankruptcy Filings Available at Simoni Law Office, LLC

We strive to provide our clients with a high level of service, should an emergency arise and the need to file an emergent bankruptcy filing presents itself. We can assist with the avoidance of Sheriff’s Sale, as the filing of a bankruptcy petition would stay the sale.

What Other Costs Are Involved In Filing Bankruptcy in New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

You will be required to pay the Court filing fee and miscellaneous administrative fees that are required to prepare your petition. The court filing fee for a New Jersey and Pennsylvania Chapter 7 is currently $306 and for a New Jersey and Pennsylvania Chapter 13, it is currently $281. Our administrative fees currently run an average of $150 and cover costs such as credit reports, due diligence fees for verifying certain information, postage, copying, etc.

Simoni Law Office, LLC and Louis A. Simoni, Esquire can assist debtors in New Jersey (Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Counties) and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery Counties) file bankruptcy under CHAPTER 7, or CHAPTER 13, depending on the client’s specific situation. Stop creditors and explore a fresh, financial start. Additional information coming soon as the Firm website is currently under construction. Contact the Firm by telephone 856-208-1787 or email.

If you are struggling with debt, bills, and harassing creditors and you need to speak with an experienced lawyer, contact Simoni Law Office today for a consultation and to set up a confidential appointment to protect and secure your rights. (856) 208-1787.