Business Services Law

Corporate clients and entrepreneurs frequently contact us because they want to review and discuss documents                               with an experienced attorney.

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Short Sale Law

A short sale is a process by which a homeowner is permitted to sell his or her home for less than the underlying                      mortgage amount.

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Loan Modification Law

Clients are worried about losing their home and concerned with the time frame of the uncertainty of a                                       foreclosure lawsuit.

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There are many situations and instances in life when you want the best New Jersey lawyer possible. At Simoni Law Firm we are attorneys who can handle all types of cases and a compassionate and experienced lawyer is worth their weight in gold. We can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system in New Jersey. No matter what kind of trouble you are having, our team of skilled South Jersey lawyers are here to help you.

Our firm focuses on the areas of real estate law, bankruptcy law, family law, matrimonial law, and estate planning law. We have the experience needed to provide you with the legal advice you need, to ensure that your case reaches the best possible outcome. Matters involving divorce, real estate, and family law are typically very complex in nature and can be challenging for the average individual to handle.

Life has a way of taking turns towards places that we do not expect to go. When this happens, having a New Jersey lawyer helps you to put the your situation in perspective so you can being to stop worrying and you can begin to resume your normal routine. There are many situations that require the help of a South Jersey attorney, even some that may not be immediately evident.  So when you do find yourself in need of legal help, turn to Simoni Law Firm.

When you or someone you love is in need of legal counsel in New Jersey and you have nowhere to turn, call a top notch New Jersey attorney at Simoni Law and allow them to review your case. Legal entanglements can often seem hopeless and a person may feel devoid of options. However, with the help of a Simoni Law in South Jersey a lawyer, your case can reach a favorable resolution.

Our team of South Jersey lawyers also handles a variety of cases entailing issues that concern homeowners. Clients who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure or are attempting to execute a short sale are encouraged to contact us, so that we can guide them through the process.

Being hit with a lawsuit that threatens foreclosure on your home is an incredibly scary prospect for even the most responsible homeowner. It can often seem like the walls are closing in and your options may be appear to be slim to none. But thanks to the South Jersey lawyers at Simoni Law Firm who have a strong background in loan modification law, our legal team can help you save your home.

They will speak to your lender and your lender’s team of legal experts on your behalf, serving as a buffer during this difficult process. Their wealth of experience as foreclosure counsel allows you to relax and let the process play out as needed. Short sales and forbearance agreements can often be reached to give you the time you need to ensure a roof over your head.

We also pride ourselves on helping those who have experienced personal injury receive the settlements that they deserve. When there has been a breach in the care that is supposed to be provided to you, we are there to fight for you. Ruptured discs, spine fractures, and muscle strains are just a few of the injury related cases that our hard working lawyer have taken on for many South Jersey residents just like you.

Estate planning is also crucial. Many people make the mistake of waiting until it is far too late to handle this crucial task. Simoni Law Firm are South Jersey attorneys and we are always on hand to give you the legal advice you need to properly control how your personal estate is handled. We specialize in offering our clients estate plans that are understandable, yet still affordable.

In today’s day in age, there are many factors to consider when dividing you assets between loved ones.  Having a plan in place will allow you to rest easy knowing your wishes will be executed.  We are experienced with helping traditional families with their estate planning needs as well as individuals in domestic partnerships and non-traditional family structures.  If you want your intended loved ones to get the assets you wish, turn to Simoni Law, South Jersey’s #1 Estate Planning Attorney.

Those who are planning to start their own business in New Jersey can also benefit from our services.  We are a South Jersey business attorney and business services law is one of our many areas of concentration.  We are in constant contact with a plethora of local entrepreneurs and corporate clients who require our services to review their most important legal documents.

Having an experienced New Jersey lawyer to go over your business documents and review your paperwork can keep you from making decisions that will negatively impact your business. We have the experience and know how to let you know when you are making the right choice and when you are making the wrong one.

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